The Artist

A Bachelor of Fine Arts Graduate of the University of the Philippines - Cebu, practicing in the surrealist style of painting and continually reinventing with different embellishments ranging different genres and the contemporary movement.

Showcasing versatility in the style both in heavy and light mediums, delving in contemporary minimalist abstracts and representational pieces. A background in theatre paved for performance-art direction, collaborating with fellow artists and musicians from the avant-garde to advocacy-theatre presentations back in the day.

Career wise, I’ve transported my skills from product development in fashion accessories and handicrafts, to promotional products and graphic design with focus on branding and corporate marketing- communications.

On the flip side, I’ve work on advocacy initiatives in the music and art scene either as a participant, an organizer or a support crew. My efforts range from graphic design, motion graphics, musical score to video production. The latter of which has reawakened my passion for video/digital film production. Most recently, I’ve come to dip my hands on the corporate arena as a content creator directing/producing corporate AVPs, advertorials or video presentations, and other independent engagements.  


My Pins and Some